Fresh, clean, gentle running water...


There are three (3) stages for the AQUABLU® concept:


The water is filtered by a special water treatment system so that delicious quality water can be offered.

The system is consisted of 2 filters with 3 stages of filtration (sediment filtration, microfiltration with activated carbon and silver with disinfectant properties).

The first filter contains activated carbon with a cross section of 5μm and retains sediments, dust, rust, sand and generally solid particles from the composition of water. Suitable for consumption up to 24,000 liters.

The second filter contains 0.3μm of activated carbon and retains chlorine and its organo-alkaline compounds, colloids, coliforms, and some harmful microorganisms from the water. In addition, the second stage contains silver shavings which, thanks to its antibacterial properties, disinfects the water. Suitable for consumption up to 11,000 liters.

POU (point of use) filter technology
AQUABLU filters are fast changing based on the POU standard
They do not have a separate plastic housing, they are completely replaced
There is no contact with other components
It does not contain stagnant water
Suitable for any space with water supply


The water goes through the cooling process from high quality systems that can meet even the most demanding needs in the amount of cold water or cold carbonated water on demand.


Filtered, cold water is perfectly served in specially designed, refillable bottles that can bear the logo of the customer’s choice. Also the bottles indicate the whole filtration process and the certification elements of the AQUABLU® concept.

The glass bottles are specially designed for reuse and simple cleaning. They are durable enough to withstand daily washing in industrial dishwashers. They are specially designed to be easy to handle and easy to serve.
With the purchase of a complete water treatment and cooling system, 10 bottles for free are given.
Also available for monthly rental of filters and water coolers at a very low price.